Digital Handheld Radio


  • NXDN® Digital Air Interface
  • 6.25 & 12.5 kHz Channels
  • NXDN® Scrambler Included
  • Over-the-Air Alias
  • Over-the-Air Programming
  • Digital Conventional Mode
  • Digital Trunking Mode
  • Mixed FM/Digital Operation (Conventional)
  • Multi-Site IP Network Compatible
  • Conventional IP Network Compatible
  • Telephone Inteerconnect (Trunking)


The new NX-210K2 portable is the latest addition to the NEXEDGE® lineup – designed specifically for users preferring a mid-size platform with a larger keypad. The NX-210K2 has the same NXDN® digital, analog, LCD display, PF key capabilities and transmit/receive specifications as the NX-200 and comes standard with a DTMF encoder with large backlit keys ideal for applications requiring frequent text messaging, selective signaling or interconnect.


KENWOOD is pleased to introduce the latest NEXEDGE® portables boasting a newly designed ultra-compact platform with all of the high performance RF specifications and MILSTD 810 & IP54/55 ruggedness of KENWOOD’s flagship NEXEDGE® models. These new models come in three user interface configurations, including the first NEXEDGE® non-display model for users that need a limited number of channels or trunked talk groups.

NX-220/320 VHF&UHF 5W radios deliver a cost benefit, full-featured digital portable radio solution to enterprise, local government and SMR subscribers. True to the NEXEDGE multi-system migration-ready tradition, analog, NXDN® conventional, and NXDN® trunking, are included in all models. The NX-220/320 NEXEDGE® models include the latest V2.5 enhancements such as OTAP over-the-air programming and ground-breaking NEXEDGE® enhanced audio refinements.


  • Selectable Digital & FM analog operation
  • Slim & Light Weight
  • Simple Operation
  • 1W Loud Audio
  • Channel Number Voice announcement
  • NXDN Conventional
  • NXDN Type-D Digital Trunking
  • GPS Connectivity (Optional GPS SP-Mic Required)
  • 4-Color LED (Blue/Red/Green/Orange)
  • IP54/55 and MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G


The NX-410 800MHz portable will allow users to replace existing 800MHz systems and is designed for use by utilities, SMR operators, transportation, petro-chemical, government agencies and critical infrastructure.

All are re-band ready and offer NXDN® conventional, conventional IP, trunked single site and multi-site network capabilities and operate in 6.25 and 12.5 kHz digital modes.


Kenwood’s newest NEXEDGE® model, the NX-420, is a high performance 800 MHz 3 Watt portable in an ultra-compact, rugged MILSTD 810 & IP54/55 platform. The NX-420 has exceptional yet practical user interface with four PF (programmable) control keys, an ergonomic 12-button keypad and a bright, widely viewable 8-character alphanumeric LCD.

The NX-420 digital portable stays true to the NEXEDGE migration-ready tradition with multiple operating modes including analog conventional, analog LTR, NXDN® conventional and NXDN® trunking capabilities- PLUS, it has over-the-air programming (OTAP) and the groundbreaking NEXEDGE® audio refinements.


NX-1200/1300  [N/D/A]

  • NXDN or DMR digital CAI and FM analog only models are available
  • High-contrast, white backlit LCD with keypad or basic enclosure models
  • Large 7-Color LED indicator on the top panel
  • Wide band UHF 70MHz coverage
  • Renowned KENWOOD Audio Quality – 1W
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • IP54/IP55 and IP67 models available
  • < DIGITAL – Common>
  • Site Roaming
  • Digital / Analog Mixed mode
  • Status / Short data, Paging Call
  • Late Entry / Over-the-Air Alias (OAA)
  • Digital Bit Scrambler
  • < DIGITAL – DMR Models>
  • TDMA 2-slot 12.5 kHz bandwidth
  • DMR Tier II Conv. Operation
  • Call Interruption
  • Dual Slot Direct Mode
  • DMR Auto Slot Select
  • Enhanced Encryption
  • < DIGITAL – NXDN Models>
  • FDMA – Very narrow 6.25 kHz & narrow 12.5 kHz modes
  • NXDN Conv. Operation



  • Multi-Protocol Digital Radio
  • – Analog; NXDN or DMR
  • Freedom to migrate at your own pace
  • – Analog
  • – NXDN
  • – DMR
  • Automatic Call Identification
  • Display Option
  • – None
  • – Monochrome LCD
  • 7-Color Light Bar
  • Universal Microphone Connector
  • Renowned Kenwood Audio
  • Built-In Bluetooth
  • Built-In GPS
  • Safety Sensors
  • – Man-down
  • – Stationary
  • – Motion Detection
  • IP54/55/67 and MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G

Other Features:

  • Multi-Digital + FM Analog Operation
  • – NXDN™ Conventional
  • – NXDN™ Type C Trunked
  • – DMR Tier II
  • – FM Analog Conventional/Trunked
  • 4-Line / 14-Charater LCD Display
  • No Display Model
  • 1.0 Watt Speaker Audio
  • 4-way Directional-pad (D-pad)
  • 4-Front and 3-Side PF keys
  • 12-key Keypad Models Available
  • Emergency / AUX key
  • MDC-1200
  • FleetSync®
  • Channel Capacity
  • – Display Model – 260 CH. / 128 Zones
  • – Non-Display – 64 CH. / 4-Zones
  • – 1000 CH. Option


The NX-5000 Series supports 2 digital CAIs — P25 (Phases 1 & 2) and NXDN™ – plus FM analog in a single radio. Unsurpassed interoperability is in your hands.

Choose between two portable configurations – one without a numeric keypad and the other with numeric keypad (16-key model). Both styles feature the 4-way Directional-pad (D-pad) and 2-position lever switch.