Sundance Radio Communications has been a leader in two-way communications for both retail and corporate clients in Calgary for the last 25 years.

Sundance Radio Communications Ltd. is committed to servicing and supporting customers with leading edge products and equipment in the two-way radio industry, as well as developing innovative solutions for navigating the wireless world. Sundance Radio Communications proudly represents Kenwood Communications.

Why Sundance Radio?

Two-Way Radios

Sundance Radio provides a wide range of Kenwood two-way radio products & accessories.

Radio Rentals

Sundance Radio Communications Ltd. offers daily, weekly, and monthly radio rentals to all of our clients.

City-Wide Coverage

Kenwood offers the only class 1 division 1 A&B certified intrinsically safe 2 Watt radio. Due to the hazards of operating in these environments.

In House Solutions

Being a Sales and service shop we have both outbound and inbound staff to complete your sales, service and installation needs to ensure that all of our clients needs are met.

25 Years Experience

A leader in two-way communications for both Retail and Corporate clients in Calgary for the last 25 years.

Great Support

Quality service installers and technicians provide installations or removals for Kenwood two-way radios, as well as radio programming and repairs.